Gudrun Klaff – Volunteering at Green Island School

In 2014, I took a Sabbatical and went on a world tour. One thing was clear to me from the beginning: I did not want to spend my time “just” as a tourist, but wanted to live like a local where possible, and to give: To give time, to give help in learning English or Excel or other Windows programs, and also to give money where it was well spent.

By trailing through forums I stumbled across Green Island School, and was inspired: Helping out at such a school that was created with so much love; in a near mystical country that was / still is coming out of difficult times; living with a family and thus having an experience that felt “real”. I contacted Khaing Zar and quickly we came to an agreement. I staid with the family for a month, and had a great time, both at their home and at the school. Khaing Zar and her family are wonderful, warm hearted people who took me in like I was family myself. I shared their normal life, went shopping with them, cared for the children, went on the daily bus run, and spent most of the hours of the weekday at the school, teaching, preparing food, and just generally assisting. The weekends were spent exploring the city and the countryside.

I will always think back on my time there as a very special time indeed, and would highly recommend that experience to anyone.

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