Green Island School

Primary and secondary schooling in Myanmar is free. However, the budget for teaching is small, quality of teaching is often low, and the drop out rates are high. An early start in life with a quality basic education is therefore essential now that Myanmar is moving towards a more liberal economy. The concept of public or free kindergarden or pre-school does not exist.

Green Island School provides pre-school education to over 50 children aged 2-5, all from the poor township of Northokkalapa, Yangon.

Subjects include English, reading, writing, music, crafts, and yoga. The children receive healthy meals, have an opportunity for happy play, and – perhaps most importantly – the school is a safe haven away from sometimes broken and unsafe homes, providing the children with an environment where they experience and learn love and care.

The children’s parents – those who can – pay the equivalent of $30 / month. In addition, Khaing Zar has to hope for volunteers to stay with the school and teach English to the children and teachers as well as donate – currently – $25 / week. From this and the parents’ money, Khaing Zar pays the teachers, a cleaner, fuel, food and school material, as well as provides a free scholarship to the very poorest children.